Friday, January 23, 2009

How to change underline colour

A client sent me text in blue colour with some words underlined. When published in print, the text had to be in black. I select the text, open colour palette, click on black – text colour changes, but the underline stays blue. What to do?

When a portion of text is underlined in a colour different from the text and you want it to be the same, here is how to do it:
- Select (highlight) underlined text;
- Open font panel (Command+T);
- Click on underline button and choose Colour from the drop-down menu, the last option. When colour palette opens click on the colour you want.

Some tricks sink in without any effort, but for some reason I always stumble over this one. Can't ever remember how to do it without going to the Help section.

So, even though it is simple (when you know it) I decided to put it here just because I think that if I get stuck there are others out there who can't immediately figure out how to solve it.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! Have been using Pages for YEARS (as it's brilliant) and your post has enabled me to change the underline colour. Excellent.

  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    Thanks! Great tips:)
    This advice allows me to tolerate better the line too close to the text ...

    Is there a way to increase the distance between the underscore and the text?


    1. I am not sure you can.
      If it is a heading you can import a line from the Shapes menu and position it under the text of the heading so it looks like an underline

  3. how can you do that in Ipad??

  4. Holly cow thank you for putting this here, because here it is 2014 and it is still relevant and correct! lol That was driving me nuts!


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