Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where is clipart for Pages?

- Graphic elements of Pages own templates can be used as clipart - just cut and paste them.

- Attractive clipart images are in Image Bullets under Bullets drop-down menu (Text Inspector, List tab).

- HD>Library>Desktop Pictures - high resolution images for backgrounds.

- Home>Pictures>iChat Icons (or HD>LIbrary>Application Support>Apple>iChat Icons.)

- User Pictures, also in HD>Library

- Character Palette - hundreds of clipart-like characters. Character Palette is under Input Menu chooser in the main screen menu. If it is not activated on your Mac, open System Preferences>International>Input Menu and check the Character Palette box.

- And, if you have kept your old copy of MS Office, nothing is simpler than just copy-pasting or drag'n'dropping clipart from the Office folder right into your Pages project.

This is a bite-size version of the full article
on Clipart for Pages

published earlier with a linked list of other articles about clipart on this blog.

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