Sunday, August 01, 2010

Card Design in iWork/Pages: A Complete 10-Step Tutorial

This tutorial is about designing a Christmas card, but, of course, the techniques described can be used for any occasion.

The tutorial is published here in ten easy to follow steps, each has jump-links to the next and the previous steps.

1. Santa Cap: how to draw the pompon (use and edit ready-made shapes)

2. Santa Cap: how to draw the band (use Draw Tool)

3. Santa's Cap: how to draw the top  (editing shapes and curving lines)

4. Santa's Cap: how to make the clip art image

5. Put Santa's Cap on the head: how-to (moving and arranging images)

6. Santa's Cap: the 'tracing paper' technique

7. Add background image, soft frame and additional frame, draw your own letters and give them a 'smudged' effect

8. Make a snapshot to turn it into a piece of original clipart

9. Holly made into clip art (how to use Alpha and Mask tools to make clip art)

10. Finishing touches: arranging clip art, various design suggestions, rotating, duplicating and resizing clip art images.

Please see also this list of other articles on creating shapes and original design and read an overview of where to find clipart on your Mac.

All elements of this design, except the portrait of the girl,  were created by ©Alexander Anichkin. To see the picture of the girl go here.

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