Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama, Blues Brothers and Picasso - yes, we can

Like millions all over the Globe I was watching Barack Obama speaking in Grant Park, Chicago. I was crying, laughing, dreaming - and I started drawing doodles in an open Pages document.

I am a fan of the Blues Brothers, a musical comedy which was filmed on several locations around Chicago. One of the spots featured was the famous Picasso statue located in the Rt.Hon.Daley Plaza. In the climax scene of the movie, after running from the law the entire movie, they are finally approaching the tax assessor's office to pay to pay a Catholic orphanage's taxes - with the entire Chicago police force in tow.

Picasso! The Dove of Peace! The bullfights! And endless nudes!

I did a quick Google search and found La Femme - the famous Picasso drawing, consisting of just four crayon strokes. I pasted it into a blank Pages doc and tried to copy it with the Draw Tool from the Shapes menu in the Tool Bar.

I finished just when the mesmerised crowd heard the "Yes, we can" pitch from Barack -

Pages may not be a drawing programme, but a few simple things can be accomplished even when they are not meant to.

How to:
- use Draw Tool from the Shapes menu in the Tool Bar
- draw four curved lines over the imported Picasso image.

Use as many dots as you can and choose Smooth Path from Format>Shape submenu.

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