Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to subtract footnotes/endnotes from the word count?

A reader of this blog has asked how to set Pages to subtract footnotes/endnotes from the word count?

It's pretty simple:

1. Click on your main text,
2. Select all (Command+A). Pages will select only the main text, not the footnotes, and you will see the word count for just your main text, without the footnotes.

Word count in Pages is in Document Inspector. Click on the first icon on the left in Inspector, then on the Info tab. If you need to watch the word count as you work on a document, open two Inspectors (under View menu), set one to show word count and use the second for other tasks.

There are lively discussions on the internet about word count in Pages. Switchers from Word often can’t find it in Pages. Of course, when you do, it’s easy and straightforward.
Most people don’t even need it, but for many word count is the main tool to measure their work.

The full word count for this article is 238. The Document Inspector in the picture shows word count without the reference to previous articles which I put in the footnote below.

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