Friday, April 30, 2010

Show Detail With Magnifying Glass: Prophet Mohammed

Showing detail of a picture, a photo or a map with a 'magnifying glass' is a useful and attractive trick. 

It's fairly easy to do in Pages. There are two simple ways to do it.

I'll write up the how-to later, but now I am just publishing a picture 'Muhammad Preaching' (1840-1850) by Prince Grigory Gagarin with the prophet enlarged by the lupe.

If you want to send me your solution, please do, I'll be glad to publish it too.

Read the full how-to article here and see another example with the enlarged portrait of William the Conqueror from the Bayeux Tapestry here.


  1. It would be lovely if you published it!

  2. I've added links that take you to the how-to article and another example of this technique.


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