Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Snowman: drawing and editing images in Pages

For the New Year's 2010 greetings card I made a  Snowman who is only slightly different from last year's.

Here is what's new and a few tips:

- I added a belly-button - because he is the 'son' of last year's Snowman, slightly edited. So, as he is not an original creation, he should have a belly-button, I thought. The button is a duplicated eye. To duplicate a graphic object press Command and type D. 

- the Snowman 2010 raised his right hand saluting you. Make the shape editable and change the contours of the shape by moving, one by one, white square 'handles', red dots of the editable shape and white propellers  until the hand is up.

- And, finally, today I've added a handle to the bucket on his head. The bucket itself is a rectangle, edited (Format>Shape>Make Editable) to give it a trapezium contour. The handle is a line with rounded endpoints (Select endpoits in Graphic Inspector). Draw a straight line, then make it editable and select Smooth Path (Format>Shape>Smooth Path). The red dots of the editable line will have 'propellers'. Curve the line as you like by rotating and extending the 'propellers'.

And if you can't be bothered with drawing your own snowman, there is a similar looking one in 
Character Palette>Symbols>Miscellaneous Symbols. Drag him into your document and change the way he looks in the same way as you change letters.

Happy New Year!

For other tips on designing your own images and clipart see this earlier post.

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