Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Let's design a Christmas card in Pages: Santa Cap - band (2)

To read step 1 click here.

Use Draw Tool to draw the shape of the white band on Santa's cap.

Click on Shapes in the document toolbar and slide down to the last option – the Free Draw tool. Click continuously until the shape is ready, then click on the first dot to 'close' it. Choose colour. At this point the shape will be jaggedy. To smooth the curves go to Format Menu, slide down to Shape and then to Smooth Path. If you find it difficult to 'draw' the shape straightaway, from scratch, have a peek at Step 6 to see how you can 'cheat'. 

If you are not satisfied with the contours of the shape you can edit it: click on the shape twice, slowly, not double-clicking, when red dots reappear, click on them one  by one to move. If 'snap to grid' function is on, moving dots will try to 'jump' to align themselves with the others. It may be annoying, so disable snap to grid temporarily by pressing and holding Command while you move the dots.

Use 'propeller' handles on dots (they appear when a dot is selected) to adjust the curves. 
When you are done add two black lines for creases in the cap. Use Draw Tool again, but when the line is finished double-click on the last dot or hit Escape. Set colour fill to none in the Graphic Inspector. Go to Format menu again and Smooth Path. Move the 'creases' in place. If they 'slide' under the main shape, go to Arrange menu and Bring them to Front.

Next, I'll be making the top of the hat, come back in a while and see how to make it.

To go to Step 3, click here.

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