Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Dreamy-Lovey Image: How to Draw Droopy Eyes

In the previous post I showed how to draw a Valentine's heart with the Pages Draw tool. Read how to make wrinkles, mouth and eyebrows in this next article.

This is the finished Valentine's picture – Dreamy-Lovey. Here I explain how to draw 'droopy' eyes.
1. Insert a triangle
1. Insert a Triangle from the Shapes drop-down menu in the tool bar of your document, or from Insert>Shapes>Triangle.

2. Then make the triangle editable: Format>Shape>Make Editable.
2. Make editable

3. Then give the triangle curving contours: Format>Shape>Smooth Path.

4. Next, double click on the two bottom editing points (little red dots) to turn them back into sharp corners.
3. Smooth path

5. Now, click on the editing point at the top of the shape – it will show a ‘propeller’ with two little circles on the tips. Click and hold on them, drag up and down, left right, extend or push in – to adjust curves, make them more or less rounded. Move the editing point with cursor or keyboard arrows – to change the ‘expression’ of the droopy eyes.
5. Adjust curves

Tip:  press Command after you start moving editing points to stop them ‘snapping to grid’ – trying to align themselves with other points of the shape.

Tip: you don't need to draw the second eye from scratch. Just duplicate the shape: Command+D and change it slightly for symmetry or to give the face more expression. This applies not just to the two eyes, but to the heart shape as well. The cloud of little 'dreamy hearts' are duplicates of the main heart shape. I changed the colour of the little hearts and made the dimple on the top of the main shape less pronounced.

In the next post I'll show how to make 'smile wrinkles'. And here are all the graphic elements of the Droopey-Lovey: 

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