Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Projects in Pages

As the festive season approaches I would like to post a few links to previous articles here on how to make clipart, cards and bring Christmas theme in other projects.

Read the complete tutorial to desinging your own original Christmas card in Pages: Card Design in iWork/Pages: A Complete 10-Step Tutorial (jump links to all 10 blog posts, includes tips on how to put a Santa cap on your photo and how to make clipart with your own photos).

Draw an original Snowman in a few easy strokes with Pages tools: The Snowman: drawing and editing images in Pages

Update for 2012/13 season: see the 2012/13 snowman and a video tutorial showing the drawing process step-by-step in this post.

And in the article Сhristmas graphics and clipart: a few easy tricks see how to use Christmas theme in your print or web project, where to find holiday clipart that is already on your Mac and how to use elements of Pages templates, for example, a champagne glass from the Catalogue template.  


  1. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but during some time I thought this blog had stopped, so I stopped looking. I have tried today and found it in good shape, just wanted to tell you I missed it. I was again wondering if I could use pages to publish a small book, so I am delighted to be able take your advice. Let me give it a try, but I will donate. So much talk about software, and in 2010 non-specialist people (and specialists too!) continue talking about quark and indesign as "the options", my god... There are also strange similarities between things you say and what comes to my mind, not only about pages. Keep it up. Alonso.

  2. Thanks, Al, mucho appreciated.

    From the beginning I've decided to keep this blog focused entirely on solutions, not problems. Which doesn't mean that I don't fume when I see silly pontificators telling whoever is gullible enough to listen that Pages can't do this or that – or anything. There is very little Pages can't do. As they say in Alaskan general stores, 'if we ain't have it you don't need it'.

    For general observations about putting together a book in Pages please read Putting Together a Book in Pages.

    Don't worry about 'strange' similarities: many of my correspondents tell me they feel the same. Like any other Pages user, I come across a problem, find a solution - and that's where the ideas for my posts come from – the actual practice of using the programme, not theorising.

    Thanks for your support - and good luck with the book project.


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