Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's design a Christmas card in Pages: (9) - adding a holly pattern

... and this is what you should get after working on the photo with the Alpha tool.

Here are a few how-to steps:

- import the photo into a Pages document. Opening a new one might make the work easier.

- remove blue sky with the Alpha tool (it’s under Format menu and in the Tool Bar). Drag the crosshairs several times, but be careful not to make 'holes' in the leaves.

- mask the Alpha image with Shape. Mask with Shape is under Format menu. We want to mask the image in order to get a piece of clipart without the unwanted bits.
Here I used the Oval. After putting the mask on, we first resize it to cover the wanted area of the photo.

Then, under Format, we make the mask editable just like any shape. Red editing dots appear. When you click on them you can move them with keys or mouse, and also change curves of the shape with 'propeller handles'.

Click on propeller end-points and drag to extend or shorten them. Click on the red dots and move them around one by one until you achieve the desired result. Remember that if blue grids get in your way, you can temporarily disable the 'snap to grid' function by pressing and holding the Command key while moving the dots.

After  masking is complete we have a holly clipart that we can put anywhere (image at the top).

Come back in a few hours to put the holly on our Christmas card.

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