Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's design a Christmas card in Pages: (10) - adding a holly pattern

This is how the holly twig will look in the card.

To do this copy-paste our clipart image from the previous post into the Pages document with the card. It should be set as a floating, not inline image.

Next, resize to proportions.  
Rotate: press Command, move cursor over one of the handles of the selected image and it will turn into a kind of bent arrow.
Duplicate (or copy-paste) to get as many additional clipart images as you want. Keyboard shortcut for duplicating is Command+D.
Flip to achieve symmetry. Flipping is in Metrics Inspector.  

We can stop here, or ad a dozen more hollies to create a frame (top image), or drop the whole lot, leave just one, but enlarge it (second image from top).

Now, to send out your card, print it in Pages, make it into a PDF, JPEG or a PNG to send via email or put on your web-page.

To see the original picture of the woman in the card click here. It is a landmark image of the 20th century.

And a very happy Christmas to everybody.

To go back to Step 9 click here

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