Friday, March 20, 2009

Colour palette shortcut

Colour palette shortcut is Command+Shift+C

When you work with colours in Pages the colour palette opens automatically. For instance, to change the colour of text you click on the colour bar in Text Inspector.

The shortcut is useful when you want to skip making several movements and clicks with the mouse. For example, when I want to check CMYK count of text (pure black comes out crisp in print, while Licorice is a bit fuzzy) I click in the text, open colour palette with the shortcut and get the information I need.

Colour palette works and opens with the same shortcut not just in Pages, but in many other Mac applications where you mainly work with text, including Mail and TextEdit.

Lists of keyboard shortcuts are under Help menu in Pages and in System Preferences>Keyboard&Mouse. Here you can customise or create your own shortcuts and also reassign a particular shortcut to a different operation. For example, my Mac came with Command+Space assigned to opening Spotlight. I reassigned it to switching between different languages as I use it more frequently.

Please read the article on why it is important to use shortcuts and not just mouse:

Health and Efficiency: three serious reasons to use shortcuts

The article contains a list of other posts about keyboard shortcuts.

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