Saturday, November 22, 2008

Word count in Pages: use two Inspectors

Word count in Pages - where is it?
Open Inspector,
click first icon - Document
and click on the third tab - Info.
Here you get all document statistics, including word and character count. To get word count in a selection, click and drag cursor to highlight it.

Recently, on two different days two new colleagues have started, for the first time, working in Pages in our office. The first question they asked? 'Where is the word count?'

When you work on a text document which must have a particular word count, for example, to fit in an allocated space on the page or answer academic requirements for length, you watch the word count all the time. But you may also need to do text formatting through Text Inspector. Switching between inspectors could be annoying. When I work on long text documents I open two inspectors - one for word count and one for word processing (text). This way word count is always at a glance distance.

To open the second Inspector go to

View>New Inspector

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