Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three easy ways to send Pages as email attachments

1. ZIP - compress to .zip
2. DMG - as disc image
3. STUFFIT - compress through Stuffit

1. To save your Pages document in .zip format just resave it typing .zip after the name of the file, but before the .pages extension, if it is not hidden. Choose Save as... from the file menu (or use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+S) and when the dialogue window opens, type .zip.

2. To create a disc image (.dmg) file out of a Pages document, resave in the same way as above, but type .dmg after the name of the file.

3. To stuff your Pages document, launch StuffIt and drag your file over the programme's icon.

After doing this simple operation you can attach your Pages document as you would with files created in other programmes.

You may find that the first two options are more attractive, if you have to email Pages documents often, because StuffIt is a paid for application.

And, of course, all this only makes sense if your correspondent also has iWork/Pages to open your document.

If not, try these three easy ways of sending out Pages documents in non-iWork formats:
1. MAIL PDF - command+P to open print dialogue window. Click on PDF in the bottom left corner. Choose Mail Pdf. Your Pages document automatically converts to PDF format of a mailable size and attaches to a new email message. Fill in the address and message, send. This option is preferable if your correspondent is to make comments to the document. Acrobat allows making comments on PDF documents.

2. MAIL JPEG - open print dialogue window, click on PDF and choose Save PDF to iPhoto. Your Pages document converts to JPEG format. Then, in iPhoto click on the Mail icon and send out your JPEG. iPhoto has an option of reducing the JPEG file for fast loading.

3. PNG SCREENSHOTS. A quick and fun way of sending out smaller Pages documents or documents in work, because screenshots show guides, invisibles and open Inspectors. The keyboard shortcut to make a screenshot is Command+Shift and hit 4. Cursor turns into crosshairs, drag it to select the area for a screenshot, let go of the mouse (a no-buttons macmouse) and, after a camera shutter sounds, you get a PNG file on your desktop.

If you want a screenshot of just one particular open window, document, Inspector or open folder, press Command+Shift, type 4 and then hit the Space Bar. Move the cursor over the window (it will highlight) and click to get the screenshot in PNG format.

The ease of sharing files in a networked environment is one of the main considerations for businesses and offices when they choose a productivity suite - with a word processor, presentation and spreadsheet programmes. With low cost, striking templates, ease of use and full integration with other applications which come preinstalled on Macs, iWork may be an attractive choice.

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