Monday, June 14, 2010

'Thought Bubble': Let's Think Lateral (Solution 1)

Peggy L asks why there isn't a 'thought buble' in the Shapes menu and if there is a way of making one.

Sure, there is. In fact I can think of at least two. Here is the first:

Check inside your Applications folder to see if you have Comic Life programme. 

In recent years Apple has been including it in the software bundle that comes with Macs. It’s a very easy programme to make comics and includes a selection of thought bubbles. Great screeching sounds too with every step you make!

You can’t can, with the current version of the software, just copy/paste from Comic Life into Pages (at least not on my machine), so, Or make your ‘thoughts’ in Comic Life, ‘print’ them to PDF, JPG (to iPhoto) or make a screenshot, and then drop into your Pages doc.

Here is a quick topical comic I made:
Read the second solution here.
If you haven't Comic Life in your Applications bundle check out

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