Thursday, August 20, 2009

A logo in PNG comes out fuzzy: what can we do?

Check the following:

- Size of the file (logo) in KB and its DPI count. Most images on the internet have low sizes (30-50 KB) which helps fast loading. These small sizes come out blurry in print even when the DPI (or pixel) count is 300, the standard DPI count for professional printing. To achieve good print quality you need a chunky file of 400-500 KB at least. See if you can get the logo in larger KB size from whoever made it originally.

If not try processing the PNG file via Distiller separately BEFORE importing the image into the Pages document. Then import the logo in PDF. PDFs are crisper and retain image quality better then other types of files when you resize images. You can check DPI count in Acrobart or in Preview under Tools menu or press Command+i.

- Downsize PNG image (e.g.from 4x4 to 2x2) and Distill it in that size. Then try increasing the size of PDF (from 2x2 to 4x4)

- Shadows. Check if your PNG image has shadows. Pages sometimes struggle with shadows producing blurred effect. If you can, remove shadows altogether, or increase the Wrap count around the logo to the largest possible, it may help.

- Check Distiller settings. DPI count is the most important setting - it should not be below be 300. The settings I give in this previous article have provided me with consistently good results.

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