Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to send iWork/Pages as mail attachments

Note: This is an addition to my previous article Sharing and Teamwork in iWork/Pages.

It is often claimed that Pages documents cannot be sent as email attachments. It is only true in the sense that you can't just drag a Pages file onto a new mail message or attach it with the paperclip tool.

However, there is a very simple method of doing this.

If you do need to send your Pages document as an attachment Save it as a .zip file.

- Under file menu choose Save as...
- in the file name window (it will be highlighted) type .zip after the name of the file and BEFORE the .pages extension, if it is not hidden.

To hide/show extension check/uncheck the box in the bottom left corner of the Save as... dialogue window.

Now your Pages document will have a name reading something like this


And it is mailable unless its size is bigger than your service provider's limit.

There are numerous other ways of sharing Pages and working on the same project as a team. Please refer to the article mentioned above.


  1. pip brant2:46 pm

    does this work if you are sending to computers with no pages program?

  2. yes and no,
    yes, you can send a Pages doc to a computer without iWork/Pages, but
    no, the recipient won't be able to open it unless they have Pages.
    for Pages'08 convert your doc into PDF, then send.
    for Pages'09 under Share menu there is a choice of email as Pages, Word or PDF.
    Hope this helps,


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