Monday, April 07, 2008

Charts and Graphs - from Numbers to Pages

So far I've concentrated on working in Pages and ignored the other two components of the iWork suite: Keynote (presentations) and Numbers (spreadsheets).

A magazine feature on weather and a sales department request made me have a go at Numbers. This new piece of software has only been included in iWork's 2008 version. It largely works like MS Excel and many other spreadsheet applications. However I found Numbers easier to navigate and visually more attractive.

What interested me in particular was whether Numbers files would come out at the same good quality as Pages after conversion to press-quality PDFs.

It works fine - the new edition of the Rendezvous magazine is out and the quality of charts and graphs showcasing the wonderfully mild and stable climate of Normandy is very good.

A few notes:

- Charts and graphs can be done without leaving Pages - through the Chart Inspector. However templates included with Numbers, Users's Guide and help section may make it easier to create your chart in Numbers and then copy-paste into your Pages document.
- remember about black text: using 100% blacke instead of composite black Licorice (default text colour in many iWork templates) comes out better in CMYK press quality PDFs.

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