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  1. how do I get type to follow a circle in PAGES?

  2. Anonymous7:59 am

    In the old days, in Canvas, you could easily draw a circle and then Just direct text to the circle with one click......Skewing text on a 30º line for an isometric image was a one click process....No more...and its driving me crazy trying to find a way to replicate the latter.

    1. Put text in Text Box and set 30º angle in Metrics Inspector?

  3. Anonymous2:55 am

    A 30º angled text is not the same as skewing text to a 30º line...Google isometric text images and you will see the difference....Canvas was and remains the most intuitive mac software ever available.

  4. Anonymous5:27 am

    Hi Alexander! Thank you for running this blog. It has been of great assistance.

    Do you know how to create a circular text box in Pages so the text is curved evenly/symmetrically to follow around a circle? I've been using "Art Text" and exporting it, however I haven't figured out how to get it perfectly symmetrical. (Just guess work thats frustrating and uneven)

    Thank you!

    1. There isn't a tool as such in Pages. You can import a circle from Shapes, and place letters in textboxes around it. But it's a fiddly business.
      I've been using Comic Life programme to curve text.
      In this post the 'Poppy Appeal' button was made in Comic Life.

  5. Can you make a picture into a silhouette in Pages or only in Photoshop?

    1. yes, it's quite easy. Use the Draw tool in the Shapes menu (the little pen at the end) to dot around the figure in the picture. Then fill it with black in the Graphic Inspector. Or white, if you want to put it on black background.

      See this post:
      Instead of double-clicking on the last dot, click on the first dot again and you'll get a silhouette.

  6. Anonymous6:05 pm


    I wonder if you could help?

    We have created a book in pages to export as a PDF but we cant get pages to display the pages of the book in landscape mode – two pages side by side so that one faces two, there faces four etc

    Instead, it displays them one page at a time so it doesn't read like a book.

    We have to ask people to open the file up in their PDF viewer and then choose two pages at a time in view or slidwshow to get the landscape effect and most people wont bother with this.

    We downloaded the old acrobat editor and managed to get it to display in landscape mode on Windows via the Acrobat reader but it still opens up in Preview on the Mac in the page by page format

    Have you any idea how to resolve this problem? Do you do this kind of thing or do you only give advice?

    Many thanks


  7. im the chap who wrote the last piece about having problems with pages, Landscape formats and PDFs..i forgot to include my email address in the post. it's

    1. Stephen, hi,
      What I did was, having done all the work in Pages, to bundle single-page PDFs as facing pages in Acrobat. So when you view the PDF version of your book it shows with opposite pages side by side. I did my magazine and a few other publications that way.
      I am sorry I can't go into further detail, I am now up to my neck with another project. But thanks for asking and visiting my blog.

  8. I still use Pages 09 to do newsletters for a professional organization. I love that version. There are 14 templates for newsletters, and each has about 5 pre-formatted insert pages that make it easy to manipulate and customize formatting without having to create a new page insert from scratch. Newer versions of Pages have very few newsletter templates and maybe one pre-formatted insert page. I am not a graphic designer, but have gotten compliments on the the Pages 09 newsletters I do. That version really makes it pretty easy. I am concerned about how long I will be able to use this version, since apple keeps changing its OS more frequently now.

    What version(s) of Pages are you featuring here in the blog, and how does it compare to the features in Pages '09, especially newsletters? I have 2 iMacs, one with 10.7.5 (Lion) and one with Mavericks, as well as a rMBP running Mavericks. Pages 09 works in both, but I'm not sure it will still work in Yosemite or the upcoming El Capitan. Any comments, warnings, suggestions?

  9. This blog starts with the first version of Pages - 06. I too use Pages'09 mostly, I find that version easiest. I could be the force of habit, of course.

  10. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  11. For some strange reason, all my transparent images I have, now have a white background. I use pages for all my designs.
    On some of them, I cannot use the alpha function, have an appointment with Apple store tomorrow, to figure out my problem. Only on my new pages version :(


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